• All Abilities and Powerups in Muck Game

    4 days ago - By Game Skinny

    Muck is not an easy survival game to beat. To get to the endgame and beat the final boss , you need to rely on various powerups that grant you super abilities. These powerups appear randomly in loot chests of different colors, but finding those chests and getting the abilities they offer is well worth it.
    Our Muck game guide will lay out all of the powerups and abilities in the game, including the types of chests they're found in. You will need to find coins inside green chests, and then use those coins to open black, white, blue, or gold chests to get specific powerups.
    All Common...
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  • How to Get Ruby in Muck Game

    How to Get Ruby in Muck Game

    4 days ago - By Game Skinny

    Ruby is one of the rarest minerals in Muck. It's also not like other ores in the game. It spawns differently and its uses aren't as straightforward as standard ores.
    Ruby appears as a golden shard in your inventory. Currently, it's only used to repair shipwreck engines, though that may change with future updates and patches. This Muck game guide will tell you where to find Ruby and what to do with it.
    Note: Ruby is the onlyore chunk in Muck that spawns exclusively in caves. You will not find any on the surface like you do Iron or Mithril.
    Craft an Adamantite Pickaxe
    You'll first need to...
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  • How to Get Mithril in Muck Game

    How to Get Mithril in Muck Game

    4 days ago - By Game Skinny

    Mithril is the third-highest tier of ore in Muck in terms of both strength and durability, falling behind only Adamantite and Chunkium. Of course, to get Mithril tools, weapons, and armor, you'll need to know how to find Mithril ore and smelt it.
    Muck 's tool upgrade system works like a ladder, meaning you'll need to craft a Mithril Pickaxe in order to mine Adamantite and work your way up to the top tool and gear tiers. This guide will walk you through exactly how to find Mithril to craft various Mithril items.
    Craft a Steel Pickaxe
    Before you bother looking for Mithril, you'll need to...
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