• Here's how to get every Pokémon Unite skin

    4 days ago - By iMore

    Dress up your Pokémon crew.
    Pokémon Unite is yet another Pokémon game on Switch that proves that nothing is cuter than a dressed-up pocket monster. The game currently has a roster of 20 Pokémon to choose from and several of them have alternative skins that let them dawn different clothes and accessories. I mean seriously, who can look at that pirate Cinderace or the summertime Snorlax and not smile. There are currently nine available skins. Here's what they look like and how you unlock them.
    All Pokémon Unite skins
    There are currently nine Pokémon skins that you can acquire. However, they...
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  • Pokémon Unite: Grab these free Pokémon before they expire

    Pokémon Unite: Grab these free Pokémon before they expire

    4 days ago - By iMore

    Rewards are usually only available for a limited time, so claim them while you can.
    Yes, Pokémon Unite offers several free gifts just like other Pokémon games on Nintendo Switch. The catch is that you'll need to claim them before they expire or they'll be gone for good. This especially applies to any free Pokémon Licenses or event rewards. To help keep a handle on things, we've listed all of the current gifts you can redeem along with the ones that have expired already.
    Pokémon Unite free gifts
    Aeos Tickets & Item Enhancers 14-Day Welcome Gifts
    Gifts that are no longer...
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