• Huawei's Latest US Obstacle: Sending Tech Developed In The US Back To China

    6 monthes ago - By Android Headlines

    Huawei's issues with the US government have been detailed quite a bit over the last few weeks, with the arrest of its CFO and a couple of executives in Poland this week. Now, Huawei is facing a new problem: the US is blocking exports of some of its products. The company is unable to export some of the tech that it developed in the US, back to its homeland of China.
    The company's research and development unit, Futurewei Technologies Inc., has had its export license lapse. This is not because of the government shutdown that is currently ongoing, but because the Commerce Department decided...
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  • Huawei employee, accused of spying for China, was arrested in Poland

    Huawei employee, accused of spying for China, was arrested in Poland

    6 monthes ago - By Ars Technica

    A Huawei employee was arrested in Poland on Tuesday and charged with spying for China, according to numerous media reports.
    "Polish authorities detained and charged a local sales director of Huawei Technologies Co., a Chinese national, with conducting high-level espionage on behalf of China," The Wall Street Journal wrote today .
    Huawei is a large maker of smartphones and telecommunications equipment.
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  • Huawei Exec Arrested In Poland For Espionage, As Dispute With US Spills Into Europe

    6 monthes ago - By Android Headlines

    News coming out of Warsaw, Poland on Friday about another one of Huawei's executives being arrested. There were actually two arrests made in Poland, one was a Chinese citizen who was a former envoy in Poland, before joining Huawei as a senior executive. The second is a Polish citizen, who has held many top government cybersecurity positions. This is all according to the country's Internal Security Agency. The two were charged with spying for China.
    The offices of Huawei and Orange - one of the larger wireless carriers in the country, that Huawei is working closely with - were searched, in...
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