• How to keep iCloud Photo Library from eating your iPhone or iPad's cellular data plan

    10 monthes ago - By iMore

    ICloud Photo Library and the Photos app can snack at your data plan: Here's how to control it.
    While iCloud Photo Library is a great feature for viewing your entire library at a glance from any device, it comes at a cost: You need to have an internet connection to truly take advantage of the service's cloud storage.
    If you're syncing and uploading your images over Wi-Fi, this isn't a huge deal, but if you tend to look at a lot of images and video over cellular, you may want to take a look at your cellular usage and how to better control it. Here's how to go about it.
    How to pause iCloud...
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  • How to set up and use iCloud Photo Library on iPhone and iPad

    How to set up and use iCloud Photo Library on iPhone and iPad

    10 monthes ago - By iMore

    It's easy to set up and start using Apple's iCloud Photo Library to privately store your images and video online. Here's how!
    Want to easily back up your iPhone's photos and video, sync them with your other devices, and share them with friends? Apple's iCloud Photo Library service lets you do all that while keeping your storage space free to take even more beautiful 4K video and HDR photographs.
    When enabled, the service backs up every photo and video you've snapped or saved to iCloud (assuming you've paid for enough iCloud storage space). In addition, it syncs those files across all other...
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