• How I Use and Manage Apple Photos

    6 monthes ago - By Sweet Setup

    Problem: You have a camera phone in your pocket and, over time, you've accumulated a LOT of pictures. Like, a whole lot.
    What now...?
    A little while ago I asked folks on Twitter about how many photos they have in their iPhone Camera Roll. The answers shocked me! (Seriously! I was absolutely not expecting the answers I got.)
    What would you guess was the average answer for how many photos people have in their iPhone camera roll?
    Believe it or not, on average , people said they have 30,285 photos in their iPhone Camera Roll. What normal person with any sort of life has the time or energy to...
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  • Do you use manual controls for your phone's camera?

    Do you use manual controls for your phone's camera?

    6 monthes ago - By Phone Arena

    Up until about the first half of 2017, manual camera controls were a pretty steady trend. In fact, out of the major manufacturers, Apple was the only one going the opposite way, making HDR toggling automatic and hiding it away in the camera's Settings.
    But, over the past 18 months, AI has become the new buzzword and it's very often said when we are talking about cameras, too. Suddenly, the "auto mode" has been reinvigorated under the "AI" moniker, and some manufacturers are experimenting with "simplifying" their Camera apps and also removing stuff like the HDR toggle switch.
    Thankfully, ...
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