• Apple Watch Series 3 Observations- Part 2

    9 monthes ago - By iPad Insight

    Rather than a single 3,000 word review, I am going to just keep on gradually logging thoughts and observations on the new Apple Watch Series 3 as I use it. For today, I've been using the Watch as my primary communications device, but I've just been running errands, walking around the local Farmer's Market, and now I am at home watching College Football with my Dad. In other words, I haven't been hamming away trying to test every feature on the Watch today. This has been more of an example of typical, real-world use.
    Battery Life and Expectations with LTE
    There have been several reviews of...
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  • Apple Watch Series 3 won't unlock your Mac until Monday

    Apple Watch Series 3 won't unlock your Mac until Monday

    9 monthes ago - By iMore

    If you've just put the Apple Watch on your wrist and it won't unlock your Mac, don't worry. It will soon.
    Apple Watch and 2013 and newer Macs work together to keep everything on your computer secure thanks to Auto Unlock. If you've just got an Apple Watch Series 3 and it's not working to unlock your Mac, don't worry. It's not because the latest and greatest Apple Watch doesn't support Auto Unlock. It's because your Mac doesn't support the Apple Watch Series 3.
    But it will in macOS High Sierra.
    The Series 3 uses a newly designed W2 wireless chip, which makes wi-fi and Bluetooth faster and...
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