• PUBG Mobile Is Getting A New Map Designed For Quick Matches

    9 days ago - By Android Headlines

    PUBG Mobile is going even more mobile with its new map. An exclusive that's set to differentiate the mobile version of PUBG from its PC counterpart.
    That's because 'Livik' as it's called won't be available in PUBG. Only mobile players will have access to it. Unless PUBG Corp. sees fit to add it to the PC version of the game down the road. The goal of the new PUBG Mobile map is to make matches quicker to get through.
    Something which really lends itself well to playing games on the go. That's not to say that PUBG Mobile wasn't already capable of being a game that could be consumed in quick...
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  • Activision Teases New Fan-Favorite Map In Call Of Duty: Mobile

    Activision Teases New Fan-Favorite Map In Call Of Duty: Mobile

    9 days ago - By Android Headlines

    There's soon to be a new map in Call of Duty: Mobile , according to what is potentially the first of a few teases from Activision.
    The company's official Call of Duty: Mobile Twitter put out a very short clip over the weekend on an upcoming map. While teases like this one are no guarantee that Call of Duty: Mobile players will see the content right away, it's something to look forward to.
    Activision doesn't explicitly state what the map is. Long-time fans of the franchise though can easily tell what's to come.
    Activision teases Highrise map coming to Call of Duty: Mobile
    As mentioned...
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