• Kingdom Come Deliverance: Restless Spirit Quest Guide

    9 monthes ago - By Game Skinny

    Restless Spirit is one of the lengthiest and most confusing side quests in Kingdom Come: Deliverance , requiring you to complete a series of travel-based tasks that will probably come across as dull and tedious to most. The quest has several different parts where your objective isn't clear or shown on the map, so paying attention to the dialogue is important.
    Kingdom Come: Deliverance 's Restless Spirit Quest actually has one of the more interesting side stories in the game, so it's worth it to pay attention to the dialogue and cut-scenes anyway! Many are unsure of where to find the...
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  • Kingdom Come: Deliverance Rocketeer Guide

    Kingdom Come: Deliverance Rocketeer Guide

    9 monthes ago - By Game Skinny

    Much like with the eye-rolling "A Ginger In A Pickle" quest, Kingdom Come: Deliverance keeps its tongue firmly planted in its cheek by having you become a "Rocketeer" , which in this case means flinging giant rocks at high speeds toward a castle.
    To complete the Rocketeer quest, you need to convince an engineer to leave his current employer to help your army construct a siege weapon, and - surprise, surprise - it's all kinds of buggy.
    Below we cover the fastest, least bugged path to complete the Kingdom Come: Deliverance Rocketeer quest.
    Starting The Rocketeer Quest
    Numerous quests can be...
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