• Call Of Duty Blackout: Essential Battle Royale Tips

    8 monthes ago - By Game Skinny

    At this point, pretty much everyone has played a battle royale game - especially if you're reading this. But one thing's for sure: you haven't played it the Call Of Duty way until you've tried out Blackout mode Black Ops 4 .
    While the basic battle royale gameplay elements remain the same, there are some key differences you need to know ahead of time - like how to avoid zombies and properly utilize Perks.
    Here's what you need to know before jumping into the biggest mode in Black Ops 4 .
    Blackout Survival Tip 1: Pick a Better Landing Spot
    Blackout's convoy travels a random direction each...
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  • Call Of Duty Blackout: Best Landing Spots In Black Ops 4 Battle Royale

    Call Of Duty Blackout: Best Landing Spots In Black Ops 4 Battle Royale

    8 monthes ago - By Game Skinny

    Moving away entirely from the single player experience, the main attraction of Black Ops 4 is Treyarch's take on the Battle Royale genre: Blackout mode.
    As with Fortnite , PUBG , Realm Royale , and so on, the location you pick for your initial landing will radically change how the match plays out for you.
    We've rounded up the five best spots to land so far as the player base gets used to this mashup map featuring fan-favorite locations from across the Call Of Duty universe.
    Best Black Ops 4 Blackout Landing Spots
    For this battle royale iteration, keep in mind that the storm shrinks in a...
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