• Conan Exiles Legendary Weapons Guide

    10 monthes ago - By Game Skinny

    There are 40 legendary weapons in Conan Exiles. They include axes, swords, daggers, spears, and many others. These weapons are highly efficient and have their own specialties.
    You can get these weapons only from legendary loot chests, which can be found all over the Exiled Lands. But in order to open them, you need to be at level 50 and have skeleton keys .
    If you want to know what legendary weapons are currently available in Conan Exiles , as well as their stats, then follow our guide below.
    Legendary Axes
    Reaver's Axe 51 1350...
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  • How to Get Seraph Weapons in Destiny 2

    How to Get Seraph Weapons in Destiny 2

    10 monthes ago - By Game Skinny

    The "Warmind" DLC for Destiny 2 has introduced the new Seraph weapons, one of which - the Hand Cannon - you can get by completing the main campaign. However, there are three more weapons you can get: the SMG, Sniper Rifle, and Shotgun.
    If you want to know how to get the rest of the Seraph weapons in Destiny 2 , then follow our step-by-step guide below for all the info you need.
    Step 1: Get Rasputin Key Fragments
    After you've completed all the story missions in the "Warmind" DLC, you need to start playing either Heroic Strikes or Heroic Adventures. Both of these PvE modes are rather easy...
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