• Today's Apps Gone Free: Altimeter GPS, BabyFirst, Bingo PartyLand and More

    8 monthes ago - By App Advice

    Be prepared for anything, teach your toddler about the world around them, and play online bingo with today's collection of apps and games.
    All app prices are subject to change at any time and without notice regardless of stated free duration. Price changes are solely under the control of the developers.
    SodaSpeak : Share your voice with SodaSpeak. Those who prefer being more direct.
    SodaSpeak aims to bring back the old days of actually speaking with each other. It's a one-touch voice messaging platform that allows you to chat with those who matter most. You have 15 seconds to say...
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  • More Changes Come to Eternal Card Game Ranked Play

    More Changes Come to Eternal Card Game Ranked Play

    8 monthes ago - By Game Skinny

    Only a week following the release of Into Shadow , Eternal 's latest campaign, new balance changes have been implemented that promise to further alter ranked play.
    "The ranked metagame is currently in a pretty good place," the release notes state, "but we are making a few changes to improve balance and to diversify some of the play patterns and card choices among top decks."
    This time around, "changes" means nerfs, and they are as follows:
    Auralian Merchant : Now 0/4
    Channel the Tempest : Now 9PPPP
    Icaria, the Liberator : Now 8FFFJJJ
    Predatory Carnosaur : Now 7TTT, 7/7
    Additionally, 24...
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