• Apple strips the App Store from iTunes 12.7

    9 monthes ago - By Beta News

    The focus of Apple's event yesterday was certainly the new iPhones, but this was far from being all that came out of Cupertino. Apple also released iTunes 12.7 and there's a glaring change - the App Store is gone. iTunes has long been derided for being bloated, and this latest change seems to be Apple's attempt to get things back under control. Ditching the App Store means that apps can only be downloaded using an iOS device, but as significant as this is, it is not the only notable change in the software. See also: Apple launches iPhone 8 and...
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  • Apple Releases iTunes 12.7

    Apple Releases iTunes 12.7

    9 monthes ago - By Geeky Gadgets

    Apple has released iTunes 12.7, the new software is now available to download for your Mac. There are quite a few changes in this new iTunes release, the most notable one is the removal of the app store from iTunes. The iTunes 12.7 update is around 209 MB in size and Apple has said that [...]

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